Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hockey Mom -- Oh My !!

Here Is someone I would vote for, my friend April -- Croquet Mom Extraordinario -- April is proprietress of Passion Flower Gardens in Yelapa, where she serves dinner and an English language movie on Monday and Italian dinner on Thursday, as well casita accomodations and campsites for your visit. April is a chef to die for. You would not be disappointed.

My goodness !! I suppose this was predictable. Crooks and Liars is on a roll today with a post about Hillary and her claws, Pat Buchanan flip-flopping -- Whiplash !! -- and some wondering where Joe Scarborough has disappeared to. And the PUMA's panties are in a bunch. Sheesh !! No matter where women's rights would go with McIdiot in power (they would be in the dumper right along with Ms. Palin's family values) there are some who just can not get it. Just yesterday on MSNBC a PUMA was interviewed who self-identified as a "Dr." (you would think she has more than a peanut for a brain) trying to -- attempting to -- grasping at straws -- to explain why she could never vote for Obama. It has to be McBush because he selected a woman for his vice-presidential nominee. And not just any woman either. This one has foreign policy cred. She is from Alaska, the nearest state to Russia where, they claim, she is in charge of the National Effort to Aim Missiles at Russia. Uh - Oh !! Now we're in trouble. If only Ms. Palin had exercised some control over that crotch-rocket aimed at her daughter.

Yea Hillary -- Go Obama !!

Abrazos -- Beto

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Anonymous said...

A crotch-rocket is a fast motorcycle. Not a hot young guy.