Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some sort of craziness

A picture for the Yelapenses -- a view of the bay taken from the road from Chacala. Click here for a map of Cabo Corrientes. To all others, let it be known the road is impassable part of the year and does not go all the way into Yelapa. There are no cars in Yelapa.

Blogger is pretty well idiot proof but it sure has a lot of variables buried here and there, and a variety of gadgets, widgets and add-ons that boggle. Having never before messed with blogs this craziness has been a whirlwind of over-caffeinated energy over the last few days.

Another Gmail account and Gmail Manager (Gmail does have it's limitations for handling multiple accounts), Where oh where is the Email Me option? Somewhere out there in the HTML add-on world. After a lot of trial and error and enough caffeine to cause the fingers to miss the keys on the keyboard, it has arrived at it's current incarnation. Good enough for now.

Thank you, thank you -- to all of you have responded to this blog. I am amazed when I look at the Google Analytics. Hits from all over the place, especially Mexico. It is almost like expats are incestuous. Share - share - share, bonded by both the commonality and frustrations of language. Spanglish reigns !! Then I reread Sinaloa Summer and just love how Toni met her challenge teaching English to young students near Mazatlan this summer. She is an inspiration.

If you see your blog in the list, please let me know if there is an edit, or whatever, you would like. If you know of a blog you would like to see included, shoot an email my direction with a URL.

And now, I can get back to scraping good stuff off the web, which is how this all started, and post once in a while as well.

Abrazos -- Beto

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bob cox said...

Thanks for listing me (Tlaxcala) Beto, does this mean you`re going to start writing again?
I suggest you take a look at the burrohall blog also.